Tuesday, June 21, 2011

College World Series Time

PYB thanks its readers for the submissions, allowing us to concentrate on other duties while relocating. AMG chimed in with a pictorial and video compilation from the new site of the College World Series, while Corky sent us the link to a video that is another bullet point on the resume of the WORST college football fans in the country.

Best part here: mullet, awesome print shirt, or $10 Turbo Shades? Even money says he's wearing jean shorts.

Nice panoramic action, AMG:

Click here, Nerdbraska fans,and if your face and neck don't flush from embarrassment while watching, you're better than we are....

Speaking of embarrassing, Ben Crane somehow suckers three other well-known, Major-less players into his 'funny video' phenomenon. Nerd humor at its worst. Ben, you will always be disliked because you're a nerd and are one of the slowest players on Tour. Get over it. Click here for the latest horrible video and HERE for one of the originals. Moral of this story: nerds can't be funny.

Thanks to Donny Baseball for the Crane entry, even though we think he thinks it's humorous. Either way, you got published on PYB, so that has to make your day...

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  1. They were doing funny things in funny Clothes. LOL Ben Crane.