Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pump, Pump

--Tony Veland gets popped. Where are Riley Washington (aka Abdul Muhammad) & Tyrone Williams? PYB's advice: If you're supposedly a financial planner, and a professional, don't live in the outskirts of da 'hood.

--This story is from the "We Are Going to Beat the FUCK out of This Dead Horse" department.

--CNN is currently airing a story explaining that skinny women have an average salary of $15,000 more than fat women. There is a fat woman on the screen (the entire screen) claiming 'weight discrimination.' PYB says that fat women are probably too lazy to work out and probably lazy at the office too. Suuuuck it up. Skip the french tooooast.

--PYB can rest easy knowing that LeQueen James is who we thought he was. A chicken who ran from Cleveland to Miami to try to Karl Malone a title. A chicken who couldn't do anything in crunch time, much less step on an opponent's neck and snap it! Did we forget the fact that it was Brick City USA in the clutch as a Cavalier? He added to his resume as Queen with another fourth-quarter vacation and a 1/4 performance from the free throw line.

The media scrutiny borders on unfair at times and is even more unnecessary. James, with his poor play and obtuse commentary, proves he is a fraud on his own. The world will know, forever, that he's weak in the mind and fundamentally unsound. Any rings he puts on his finger will be the result of stronger teammates like Dwyane Wade.

--Game Seven tonite in Vancouver. Nothing better than a seventh game in the NHL Playoffs. Now, is the game on television?

--And, just in case we don't get back to the keyboard for a while, the US Open starts tomorrow at Congressional. PYB does not see ANY way that Tiger Woods won't win golf's national championship.....we only hope that Chris Berman is on board to scream and blather his way through the first two rounds of coverage.

All for now....enjoy your Wednesday!

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