Monday, June 6, 2011

--Are these Suckeye fans bigger losers for not having anything better to do than go to a guy's house and sing him a song OR for going to support a crook who just cost their program most of its credibility by aiding and abetting a huge cover-up?

--Well the Miami Heat won Game Three of the NBA Finals last nite, in spite of LeBron James. The Heat should have won by 15, but somehow relinquished the lead late and gave Dallas a chance to tie or win on the final possession. Too bad Rick Carlisle drew up an awful play.

James was officially crowned as Queen of the Miami squad, as Dwyane Wade proved that he was the team's true leader and closer for the third staight game. PYB contends that the Heat would be better off if James were not allowed to shoot anything outside of a layup and was forced to just pass and play defense.

And somehow, the fact that Chris Bosh made a wide-open 18-footer to take the lead with 39 seconds to go means he has "arrived"???? Please. And when is the Gay Rodeo, anyway?

--Plexiglass Burress gets out of the can today. Even though he got tossed in jail via his own stupidity, Burress got a raw deal from a grandstanding DA. PYB hopes that he bounces back with another team soon.

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