Wednesday, June 1, 2011


--PYB saw an old Toronto Bluejays hat in the airport today, and realized how cool the old log was compared to the Jays' current, non-descript, no-effort logo. Judge for yourself. What happened to a team's identity and who the hell would want to buy the new gear? (Baltimore Orioles are Exhibit B).

--Just in case you forgot, the NBA playoffs are rigged. With Dallas down six points last night in the fourth quarter, Jason Terry shot a three and then was fouled by Lebron James on the release and was knocked into the bench. But, of course, with longtime David Stern puppet Steve Javy swallows the whistle and arrogantly chides Terry for asking for the foul after the play.

In the words of Mike Tyson, 'turn off your station' for the rest of this series. It's over, and Stern has Dirk Nowitzki's injury to use as a cover story.

--Talking heads are all proclaiming the series over as well. ESPN buffoon Woody Paige said Dallas was 'never in the game.' Apparently he missed the fact that they had an eight-point lead late in the third quarter.

--And LeQueen is now being hailed as a 'great shooter with unlimited range' because he nailed a few late fadeaway jumpers in his dribble for 20 seconds and shoot offense. Funny, but his 33 percent figure from three point land for the 2010-11 season says otherwise. He is up to 40% for the playoffs with a seven for 11 streak in his last two games. That number will trend back toward his career 32.9% mark with a few more attempts.

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