Sunday, June 19, 2011

Taking Back Sunday

--So PYB thinks about our first official Father's Day, thinking we'll actually look like decent fathers since Rory McIlroy (barring another case of the snap hooks like at Augusta) has gone and blown out the field at Congressional and turned one of the best Sundays of the year into a non-event. A good and bad thing. Apparently, Phil Mickelson thought the 2011 U.S. Open was a non-event starting on Thursday. It does saves us all from really having to listen to Johnny Miller for a day. Rejoice.

--We have also thought about this situation in regard to the current NFL lockout. Sure, we all know the fucking owners and players are playing up the drama to stay relevant during a long off-season and will strike an "amazing" 11th-hour deal. But if the season were to be cancelled, can you imagine what kind of equity men could gain for the future? You could pack 30 years of trips to the zoo, brunches, walks in the park, trips to the mall and Sundays with the in-laws into one fall and be set for life! You could be a family man for four months and actually almost pull off the fact that you're enjoying yourself. We would personally sacrifice one season for a lifetime of freedom in the future. Count us IN.

Tiki Barber: Please go away. Nice career. But all this drama? Not nearly good enough to garner all this reality-show-type attention.

--PYB has ideas for the Michigan mascot: a factory worker? a scum? a faux-intellectual? A trophy case devoid of any championship hardware (Whether it be because the football team can't win anything or the basketball team cheated and got it revoked)? Maybe Jalen Rose could get creative and chalk up some ideas after six martinis?

--We had no idea wearing your pants off your ass was still cool? Perhaps this video proves us wrong, but either way it seems like a cheap way to get tossed off a flight. And had the 20-year-old idiot turned off the attitude perhaps two minutes earlier, he probably is allowed to stay. PYB thought hangin', bangin, slangin' & saggin' was SO 1991.

--Watching the first College World Series game from the new stadium yesterday, we were ambivalent. Stadium looks amazing. Views admittedly look cool. But something about the background behind the hitters and the grass throws us off. Maybe time will remedy this, or maybe there's something to it. Check back in 25 years when we have enough time to compare it to Rosenblatt.

At least Texas lost, we thought for sure they were due for another national championship in a year where they couldn't win their conference and had no business escaping their regional OR Super Regional. The fact that one Florida Gator had more home runs for the season than the entire Longhorn team (18 vs. 17) proves that.

--PYB's has three questions on this story: 1. Is Algebra really hard enough that it should hold up college admission? 2. If someone can't handle Algebra by age 20, are they college material in the first place? 3. What does NU care about a JUCO tight end, when it doesn't even use the High-School All-American tight ends it does sign?

--Without knowing shit about this guy, really, we admittedly like this hire a lot. Proven results, pipeline to the West Coast. Good deal.

--If this Duke doctor can cure JB Diaz's ailing feet, can he then treat his severe case of Vaginitis? We were reminded of his pussyness this week when ESPN showed the Top 10 dunks of the year and Laurence Bowers threw down while JB shied away in complete fear. Sorry for the shitty vid, best we could find on limited time budget!

All for now......PYB

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