Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet the Flintstones

PYB dives in quickly, before heading out for work travel today. Obviously, we're compelled to comment on the latest Private Pinelli meltdown. Let's fucking go, motherfuckers:

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--We noted after Saturday's debacle against UCLA, how that every time we feel that Pinelli and NU have hit rock bottom, he finds a way to dig past the bedrock and define a new low for his football program. He achieved that feat yet again Monday. Twice.

First, he drew a line in the sand concerning Tommie Frazier, who only happens to be the best quarterback in school history, a two-time national champion, and one of the few reminders of better times in Lincoln. Pinelli is too much of a meathead to realize he cannot win that battle.

--Then, to put the cherry on top of that shit sandwich, the fucking fuck tape got fucking leaked out. F-Bombs. Whatever. Talking shit about newspaper columnists who have every right to rip your boneheaded ways more than they do (even if it occurs during Christmas shopping). No biggie. Torching fans who effectively pay your bloated $3 million salary. Fine.

What was most galling to us in this was that Pinelli was so pissed that certain fans left at halftime of that day's game and considered his 2011 comeback win against Ohio State a great one. Fuck you, you stupid fuck. Had Braxton Miller not gotten injured, Nebraska would have suffered another three-touchdown loss for the ages. The same can be said for the 2012 Michigan game and Denard Robinson. Simon Says, idiot.

--Funniest Pinelli statement of the day and indicator or his bipolar ways: First, the team is going to start having fun. Second, they're going to practice on Sundays. Sounds like a blast for college kids who have one day off per week during the season.

--Unfortunately, we forgot to note in our Sunday rant that NU has scored a COMBINED six points in the second half of its last two games against UCLA. That's coaching. That's a lack of in-game adjustments. We're fine, you fucking fair-weather motehrfuckers. What the fuck do you fucking expect? The 1995 team and the fucking Pipeline.

--We're certainly not public relations Experts, but we think that when players like first-year defensive end Randy Gregory and running back Ameer Abdullah sound more mature and polished when talking to the press than their head coach does, that's a fucking problem.

We're fucking out of here. The time is fucking coming right now. Fuck all of you. Thanks for reading.

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