Thursday, September 5, 2013

Around the Bowl, Down the Hole

--Nebraska is going to use the tight end more, per Barney Cotton. This, after wasting Kyler Reed for three+ seasons. Can fans believe anything that comes out of these coaches' mouths? The scheme-du-jour. Mmmm...That sounds good....

The offense didn't use the TEs last week because they went to a ball-control offense?? Isn't a tight end one of the biggest keys to a ball control offense?? Anyhow, we'll believe it when we see it....and the fact that we saw Taylor Martinez lock on to Kenny Bell and throw behind him into coverage several times without looking at another receiver makes us very doubtful...

--After watching Saturday's game once more, we noticed how truly awful T-Ragic was and still is at any play requiring decision-making (intelligence). Multiple throws behind receivers into coverage. Misread nearly every read option play -- keeping when he should have handed off and handing off when he should have kept.

And Heisman Trophy-winner, NFL quitter and BTN color analyst Eric Crouch mentioned commented on Martinez's poor execution of the speed option several times. He stated that on a speed option, the QB should sprint down the line of scrimmage, instead of jogging, in order to get to the corner as soon as possible. At that time, if the running back is not guarded, the quarterback should pitch the ball to him. If the running back is guarded, the quarterback should keep the ball. Complex concepts, huh?

--NU's safeties didn't communicate enough. Has that been the problem the last five years, and is it really that hard for multi-year starters to remember assignments and go knock the ball down without blowing multiple coverages each game? To our untrained eye, the safeties look slow and lack fluidity--not to mention proper pursuit angles and tackling ability.

--Interesting tidbit from the Omaha World Herald's Jon Nyatawa: In his Husker football chat his week, he said to his knowledge, defensive coordinator John Papuchis only signals  the calls while Bo Pinelli is the mastermind that makes them. So, is Papuchis taking the fall as being the fuckstick when Pinelli is most of the reason NU has allowed 1800 yards in its last three games. Read that again....1800 yards. Three games. Holy shit. We're fine.

--Finally, all of this chatter about schemes working or not working makes us tired. The numbers say it all and a coach can only blame the kids for so many years. But is it an unreasonable fucking request that, no matter how shitty a scheme and/or the players may be, that the defense be ready when the offense snaps the ball? Watching the film, there were countless times where the signals from the sideline were so late the the players went straight from looking at coaches to turning their heads and chasing the ball carrier, most times to no avail.

We are obviously not from Ohio, but that cannot help defenders if they hope to be successful. And, is there any reason that the defensive line is required to line up two to three yards off the ball? Is this so that they can read the play before they find a blocker to hug until the running back runs past them on the way to another 20-yard gain?  Is the number of defensive timeouts blown by Pinelli a joke only to us diehard Nebraska fans. So confuse.....

--Are you ready for some football? Elite quarterback and Super-Bowl champion Joe Flacco head to Denver tonight to face Peyton Manning. Flacco is so elite, in fact, that his Ravens are just an eight-point underdog to the Broncos. The NFL isn't rigged, right?

--We're not certain which is funnier: Barry Switzer saying he wanted to shake some sense into Jenny Football, or Barry Switzer talking about core values? Do some blow, bring a fucking Uzi to the football dorms but make damn sure you don't taunt the other team. Sadly, we get what he's saying... Roll Tide Roll.

--During our image search for this post, we found an interesting site. Hot SEC Poon.... OK. Is there a reason all the chicks with big beaks opt for the 1980s Frogskins?

--What we did opt for in our image today was the NU football equivalent of a Loch Ness Monster sighting....Andrew Green making a hit and causing a fumble. BTW, we noticed his brother, Aaron, was absent from the LSU vs. TCU box score last week....


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