Friday, July 19, 2013

My Kind of Town, Chicago Isn't

Bad ass, comin' once again I'ma shock ya, Don't try to step, cuz I'm the rocka....

PYB drops in on this fine Friday, typing while jamming in some British Open viewing before the leeches at work start calling. Here's to some random morning thoughts:

--Is Jordan Spieth wearing the same pants that he did at the Steve Stricker Invitational last week at Quad Cities? We knew Longhorns were bad dressers, but that would be a bit much.

--Tiger Woods has it rough. He is the only professional golfer who has to battle wind, dust, sand, insects, camera clicks, long rough, short rough and bad breaks on greens. We wish him our best this weekend.

--Does anyone else get as big a kick out of this picture as we do (the one of the douche with his 'girl')? We found this one on a Big Ten Network replay last week....and laughed our collective asses off watching him express his fucking dismay at Nebraska's performance early against the game against Wisconsin in Lincoln. (Think: three fumbles in the first six offensive plays and an early 20-3 deficit). The saddest part is that this guy is repping his tailgate lot. Lot 20, motherfucker. Now tell us the score of any game before 2010. If we could only provide the video was priceless.

--PYB offers a bonus picture today, courtesy of AMG, to go along with the articles declaring how awesome the new turf at Memorial Stadium is because it looks like freshly mown (is it mowed or mown? we don't know we're just busy mowin' box) grass. Same shitty paint job. Block N, dated/gaudy endzone lettering.

The cement floor picture better represents the state of the program as we approach 2013. Same offensive problems, worse defense. Need we say more?

--Fuck Chi Town, the Bay Area and back down.....we'd rather watch NU but the beatdown on Wyoming in Lincoln. Fans would hate to visit Chicago in September and would prefer to shoehorn a ninth game against a team that is probably worse (likely worse) than Northern Illinois into the schedule. At least Nebraska will still get the chance to play the Huskies four times in six years in Lincoln in the future. That sounds pretty fun.

--According to, Thad Randle will be an important player for Nebraska. Until he gets hurt after six plays, every game. This feature, by the way, is one of the worst we have ever seen. The countdown profiles contain little information that even a casual fan wouldn't already know and could be typed up in five minutes by a high school sophomore.

--From the overtly ridiculous department: Maybe Israel can teach Amare Stoudemire how to defend? Apparently, a black guy who was born in Florida has "Hebrew roots."

--And, as we exit stage left, another from the same department: During yesterday's opening round of the British Open (PYB refuses to call it "The Open", because there are many fucking "Opens"), ESPN had a timer counting down the seconds to Woods' tee time. So fucking stupid that it received a laugh from our spouse. Production meeting quote: "Guys, I have it....Let's put a timer on the bottom of the screen for a guy who hasn't won a major in five years and hasn't been close this year either." Book it, just make sure it doesnt interfere with the Jenny Football ticker.

Gotta run, enjoy your weekend. PYB

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