Friday, July 26, 2013

Chica Mi Tipo

It's Friday night, and there's going to be another chick on my tip....but it won't be you baby...

PYB dives in with some random thought from the week, as those who wear Scarlet and Cream-colored glasses beat the drum louder and louder as college football season nears:

--Phil Mickelson won his first British Open Sunday. It was the major he was least likely to ever win, but he did it with some uncharacteristically steady par putting and a torrid finish on the last five holes. He's now one win from the career Grand Slam. Naturally, Yahoo! Sports thought it was a the perfect story for the next day's sidebar on its front page. Tiger Woods' demise, of course, was the lead story. Makes sense, the fact that he hasn't contended in a major in five years was earth-shattering.

--Bo Pinelli doesn't like the Big 10's new rule on "targeting." Considering his defense's performances the last few years, it's doubtful he'll have to worry about any of his Blackskirts being ejected for hitting someone too fiercely. Don't beli aeve us? Just read this story, where the only Nebraska football player mentioned in connection wth vicious hit was a wide receiver.

--Mike Marrow is not on Nebraska's roster for 2013. you're telling us that this fatass, who couldn't finish a two-yard run or lead block for shit, didn't earn his scholarship by his own merits and was just a throw-in to get his daddy to Lincoln? Barney Cotton shudders at the thought.

--NU's football team has an awesome offense. Its defense is going to be much better because a bunch of young guys who couldn't beat out awful older guys are going to be playing. We've played this game before. In fact, we've played it about 13 times since 2001.

If you ignore the fact that same offense has led the nation in fumbles three straight seasons and the defense can't stop a soul, things are looking bright for the Huskers.

--Can Johnny Stanton just save us the time in reading 57 stories about his lack of playing time and transfer already?

--On a rare political note: STOP RACIAL PROFILING NOW!

That's all we have....PYB is off to the Great White North next week and may be MIA. Enjoy your weekend.

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