Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hyperbolic Chamber

Omaha has finished hosting another third-tier sports event, and the city has already begun exaggerating its place on the national sports map:
--This Omaha World Herald headline said that the city "awed" the USGA. The quotes in the article make no mention of awe, being awesome or anything being totally awesome.

--OWH columnist Dirk Chatelain continued the self-congratulating, giving the tournament almost all As. The only non-A letter grades were the fault of the players and Mother Nature, of course:
1. The Omaha Country Club got an A-, despite its green, dark green and brown greens. Or should we call them the "famous OCC greens" like Chatelain does. Famous to whom, is the question.

2. The galleries were the some of the biggest ever, except for when the US Senior Open was played in Des Moines -- in a city half Omaha's size -- a few years back. Obviously, a nicely done and well-attended event. But let's please be realistic.

3. All of the above points, of course, are hair-splitting propositions. Dirk finished with a flourish, stating that after last week's success at OCC, that Omaha has proven itself ready to host "any major tournament short of the US Open or PGA Championship." That leaves the Masters and the British Open. PYB is admittedly negative in its thinking, but we are very doubtful that Augusta National and/or the R&A would allow their tournaments to move to Nebraska.

--Finally, we give credit to friend of the blog, Scum P, who cared for the bunkers at OCC last week. Congrats on a job well done, and well deserved for someone who brings excitement and passion to work every day. We should all be so lucky. Next time around, they should let him manage the greens.

On to other topics, as we race toward another work day:

--Jenny Football is self-destructing before our eyes, and the Canadian Football League looms closer each day. 'Bama is coming, Jenny....  'Bama is coming.....minus the fake mustache....

--Kevin Gregg was a piece of shit for the Chicago Cubs in 2009, blowing seven of 30 save attempts and costing his team countless other games. Amazingly, the team brough him on again in 2013. PYB didn't pay it much mind, because of the team's numerous other woes. Gregg actually performed well.

Until, of course, the Cubs scratched and clawed toward .500 and a level of respectability given its roster holes and had a chance to take three of four games from first-place St. Louis. Now, he's botched three of his last eight appearances, his ERA has skyrocketed....and he's a popular figure in trade talks. Go figure, and good riddance.

All for now....we gotta go to work..... Can you feel it? That's the palpable excitement that the sports world feels as the ESPYs near closer by the minute.....


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