Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kings from Queens, and Queens from Kings

Some quick hitters from PYB on a busy morning.....

--Come at the King, you best not miss.....but if you come at the Queen, he'll sic Oliver Miller Jr., aka Dexter Pittman on you. Her Royal Highness mocked Lance Stephenson, then refused to give a quote about him because he was above that....then has a scrub teammate try to decapitate poor Lance. LeQueen finds new ways each day to cement his image as a pussy.

--Another Nebraska baseball season is withering and dying in Columbus as we type. Newspapers laud the seven-run comeback yesterday against mighty Michigan State. Nobody talks about Tom Osborne letting Mike Anderson linger at least three seasons too long. Sad times when the former Top 10 program measures itself on the heart shown in a near-miss loss to the Spartans. Such is life as an NU fan these days---in every sport.

--What an epic series between the Sixers and Celtics! Who won't forget game six, and its 157 total points. It was unwatchable. Once Boston was down six points, viewers knew they didn't have the firepower to overcome a lead that big. Allen Iverson showed up in the crowd and provided a spark for Philly. He's over-the-hill by seven years but would be young by Boston's standards.

--Cubs lose! Again. Nine in a row. Three in a row to the terrible Astros. Can they make it an even 10?

All for now. PYB will try to provide some coverage from this week's PGA Tour stop at Colonial Country Club in Ft. Worth.

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