Friday, May 25, 2012


--Shawn Marion got hosed again. One of the NBA's most versatile defenders, Marion has never been selected to the NBA All-Defensive Team. Or the second team. He missed again in 2012.

This, despite raves from coaches, teammates & players across the league. Dwight Howard was selected for the first team, despite going MIA for 10 games at a time and being a self-centered wimp. Luol Deng made the second team, but didn't deserve to more than Marion. Kevin Garnett also made the second team, as apparently overdramatic sneers, cheap shots and post-whistle goaltends count as much as block and steals and shutting down opponents.

Hell, Marion even came behind the following in the voting: Andre Iguodala (apparently, it's 2007 again), Iman Shumpert, Paul George, Josh Smith (getting some blocks makes you all-defense, apparently...see D. Howard), Dwyane Wade (name), Grant Hill (what the fuck?), Avery Bradley (what the fuck?), Marc Gasol (huh?).

Another reason to laugh at almost every sports "award" these days. Not as bad as the College Football Hall of Fame, but contrived and rigged nonetheless. Apparently, we're supposed to be comforted by the fact that Ernst & Young supervised the voting.

--Nebraska dominated fellow Big 10 dinosaur Penn State yesterday in the conference baseball tournament in Columbus, blasting the Nittany Lions 12-3. So far, both NU games have been delayed because the grounds crew screwed up. Good job, Big 10! Never was one of our American Legion games delayed by a ground issue, despite playing various shithole, bumpkin towns across Nebraska, but the good folks from Ohio have done it twice in a row -- for an alleged-Division I conference tournament. Given the fact that most of the Big 10's football fields are crabgrass and mowed once every 10 days, we guess this is just a trend we'll have to get used to as NU strives to go .500 in every sport.

--Someone please tell PYB why NU continues to pursue TEs? They've wasted top talent at the position for years and continue to do it w/ Kyler Reed.

--Ole Miss's new football coach is scouring the USA, preaching the benefits of moving to Oxford, Miss., and a chance to go 6-6 for four straight years! Hopefully, Bo Pinelli will keep him off the Huskers' hallowed turf in Ohio!

--An interesting story courtesy of Deadspin, if you like the NBA.

--And one more by the Deadspin folks, that talks about college programs monitoring players' Facebook and Twitter accounts. Judging by the shit we read, apparently they don't monitor that closely. That, and the fact that players were dropping tweets within 90 minutes of kickoff on a couple occasions last year. We're fine, says Bo.

All for now....duty calls!

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