Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Green Miles

--Sam McKewon and the Omaha World Herald broke another big story last night, after reading Twitter and regurgitating the information as breaking news. Ten minutes after PYB read it on our feed, was pasting Aaron Green's transfer story on its pages. We marvel at the depth of reporting.

Anyhow, it has to be disturbing to NU coach Bo Pinelli to lose a once-heralded recruit to a better program. TCU finished 11-2 and rated 14th in 2011, a rebuilding year. They finished 13-0 and rated 2nd in 2010. 12-1 and 6th in 2009. 11-2 and 7th in 2008. Pretty impressive, and the Horned Frogs have proven they can hang with the big boys in bowl games. They also have better weed in Fort Worth than in Lincoln, apparently.

These are records that NU used to rack up regularly and only dreams of now. But hey, fans can dream about those new skybokes going up in the East Stadium.

--Tom Osborne added another notch in his belt full of astute negotiations, winning negotiations with nobody in particular to ink new coach Tim Miles to a seven-year deal. If you're counting, and count Doc Sadler's old contract, that's 17 years invested in coaches who've had one or two years of fleeting success before coming to Nebraska--and none at a high Division I level. If fired, Miles get $75,000 a month! That's $8,000+ more per month than UNL is wiring into Sadler's account, and would be a damn good YEARLY salary for 95% of Nebraskans. Jesus.

--Game seven tonight in Los Angeles. We can only fucking imagine what David Stern has cooked up, as visions of the 2002 series between the Kings and Lakers come rushing back. We're sure it's PURELY coincidental that Ron Artest's seven-game suspension ends JUUUUUST in time for the series finale. PYB called the rig job as soon as the seven-game ban was announced. It should have been 10+. Anyone betting this game has to be absolutely crazy.
The big question is, will the Nuggets be able to play past the distraction of Chris Andersen's absence, as he's the target of a Crimes Against Children investigation for apparently telling a groupie slut to get lost after he asked for ID after she flew to Denver to get drilled. Girl's mama got pissed when Andersen refused to pay for her Amazon Wish List. Classic! Aim high, white trash! This story, of course, is a paraphrased version of Birdman's lawyer's version.

--We'll get another game seven Sunday in Memphis between the Grizzlies and Clippers. LAC couldn't close out a gritty MEM squad, as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin jogged around listlessly during the first half and couldn't get over the hump in the second half. Maybe they knew Fuehrer Stern had the game rigged....the referees, after all, did call a technical foul on the Clippers' Reggie Evans for exchanging a simple high five with Griffin. True story.

--Finally, in a gripping tale of redemption, Queen James is reportedly going to win his third MVP in four seasons. Who gives a shit? Is there a more overhyped and over-argued and more meaningless award in sports? Except the Heisman Trophy, of course. Let's all get ready to laugh at the Queen again when she pisses it down her leg in crunch time over the coming weeks....

Enjoy your the NU baseball team tries to nail down that elusive Big 10 series win against the mighty Minnesota Golden Gophers....


  1. What does weed in Fort Worth have to do with Aaron Green transferring?


  2. have you read a newspaper in the last 6 months?