Tuesday, May 29, 2012


--A great column, one which PYB would have be proud to have penned..... instant follow on Twitter.

--Jim Leyland is money. Crank another smoke!

--Cubs win two in a row....

--Terrell Owens is reaping what he sowed over the years. Make sure to click on the links inside this link. Where was Trojan Man when you needed him? No TO in Allen, PYB will have to settle for minor league hockey from now on when in the area. No worries, the scum-watching is better anyway.

--The Omaha World-Herald says that NU football recruiting will be hot in June. Holy shit, the coaching staff will be racking up reward points at Hampton Inns and Candlewood Suites across Ohio! And if they can't sign this kid, nephew of former Husker and NFL alum Car Crash Toby Wright, they may as well just close up shop. And if you question his work ethic, fear not, just read the quote from the 17-year-old espn.com quoted for the story. At least they weren't quoting themselves this time.

--ONLY $5000 to play at Tiburon!!?? Sign us up! You'd think for 5k and the chance to spend four hours with a "Husker Legend", that these slapdicks could find a private fucking course...or at least a good one.

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