Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Long Live LeQueen

--A familiar thing happened in Miami last night, when LeQueen James morphed from holder of the meaningless MVP trophy into Her Highness right before our very eyes. James missed two huge free throws, just minutes after going Studio Gangsta before backing down when Granger didn't and when David West appeared on the scene. Her latest failure had Twitter going wild with new monikers: LeScreen, LeBrick, LeChoke. Good stuff!

Much is being made of James not taking the final shot, mostly by those who think that the star must take EVERY shot in crunch time. A laughable proposition, considering Dwyane Wade left a tying layup short. But there's no denying that the Queen was scared and wanted no part of making the determining play. Steve Smith said it best on Inside the NBA, noting that James was not in attack mode on Miami's last two possessions, and didn't necessarily need to take the last shot, but definitely needed to make the last play.

So, the Pacers prevailed and won 78-75 and tied the series 1-1. More Queen watching to come, as the series moves to Indiana.

--Tommie Frazier got snubbed for the College Football Hall of Fame. Mark Simoneau made it, though. So did Tim Krumrie, who we only knew from snapping his leg in the Super Bowl. Whatever, obviously this HOF is a joke just like the rest of the sport has become.

--Funny story here, as it turns out that Mr. Big from Sex and the City plagiarized a blog and re-posted it on Lord knows how many people are stealing PYB's material. Hopefully, one day, we'll catch someone so we can sue them and retired.

Not much else happening in only has 100+ games to go....only four more months!

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