Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Let's get things rolling with some quick hitters before we have to trude off to work:

--Congratulations to UNC Basketball Coach Roy Williams! He finally got Kansas to the Final Four! Sure, Roy's Tarheels were beat up, but this was the lock of the century given the injuries and the fact that Williams is a terrible game coach. "Two possessions"???!

--Spring football practice has started, and Barney Cotton has started to shuffle his linemen around already. Is he making room for excuses next fall or for one of his daughters to get playing time?

--Has anyone else seen the mess that LaPhonso Ellis calls hair during his announcing stints on ESPN and recoiled in horror? Here's a picture from what had to be two years and 10 pounds ago....

--Pussy Blake Griffin is back to what he did in college--taking cheap shots at lesser teams and players. A few days after being cleaned out by Jason Smith (deservedly, we're sure), Griffin took a swipe at Trevor Ariza. We all surely know he'd never do this to anyone his size and apparently was too chickenshit to brawl Smith on the spot when the first incident happened. We'd love to see what the 1990s NY Knicks would do to him....We'd also like to see what they'd do to Chris Paul when he began strutting around like a peacock when his team was blowing out the lowly New Orleans Hornets.

--Haste makes waste, Mr. Osborne. This would have been a no-brainer hire in Lincoln, if the AD wasn't so enthralled with installing a altar boy as basketball coach.

--Bad weekend in Florida for the boys of summer: Jabba Chamberlain snaps his ankle, Bobby Jenks racks up a DUI, and Matt Bush adds to his trophy case of alcohol-related offenses by fleeing the scene this time. Fine work, gentlemen. If this injury doesn't derail Chamberlain's career, a 5+ ERA will.

--Thanks to CBS for further ruining the NCAA Basketball Tournament, which was formerly the perfect event. The Skycam and other horrible angles they continually use make the games unwatchable. Spare us.

--Josh Howard is out for the rest of the NBA season. No surprise. We were more surprised to find out he was still in the league.

All for now....try to contain your excitement as spring football rolls on and MLB's Opening Day nears!!

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