Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feel Alright

PYB is headed out of town and will chime in via Twitter only for a few we go, a few quick thoughts:

--The NCAA has somehow succeeded in ruining what was the last pure sporting event---the men's basketball tournament. Play-in games, multiple TV networks, etc. have this thing circling the shitter. So we can't submit our brackets until late Wednesday night because teams that could legitimately win after their play-in games are in the field (Cal)? Why the fuck aren't all the play-ins involving 16 seeds instead of some of them being between 14 seeds? And why on earth do they call the first-round games the "second-round" games, just because there are a few pointless play-in games in dirty Dayton arena on Tuesday and Wednesday? Jesus.

The meltdowns that Iona and MVSU put together last night prove that none of these teams deserve to be playing in anything above the NIT. The watered-down nature of college basketball makes filling out a bracket nothing more than a spin of the roulette wheel.

--Braylon Heard: permanent, one-game move to cornerback? We're fine.

--Danny Manning? We still have a strong feeling that TO is going to butcher this hire--badly. Well, at least Manning would be better than Mike Davis.

--Inspired NU golf coverage by the Omaha World Herald. What the OWH left out was the team's impressive finish, behind only perennial powers Idaho, UMKC, South Dakota State and Illinois State.

--Nice Brandon Marshall trade, Chicago. Less than 12 hours after getting the headcase WR, we find out he 'allegedly' beat a bitch in da club last week.

--Also glad to see the Washington Redskins blow their wad on trying to get smallish QB Robert Griffin. They went to Herschel Walker-esque proportions to leverage their future for a player who needs to be on turf and preferably indoors in the NFL. Griffin to Niles Paul doesn't sound likely to us.

That's all we got for now....enjoy what's left of the Big Dance. Try not to get too excited about spring football....ZZZzzzzzzz.....

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  1. Heading up to Omaha to watch UVA v. Florida eh?