Monday, March 5, 2012

Repeating Doomed History

It's Monday. Another work week is on hand. Nothing has changed, or will change. And, in case you were wondering, the same can be said for some of PYB's favorite targets:

--New Nebraska defensive coordinator John Papuchis has jumped aboard the excuse train, blaming his defensive line's abhorrent play on the infamous "two-gap scheme." Well, if your secondary sucks, then based on the description in the link above, you'd better change something to help apply pressure on the other team.

--Bo Pinelli blessed all us non-Ohioans with some knowledge this weekend in the Lincoln Urinal-Star. Link here. Quick recaps is as follows: It's "asinine" to says that his players are affected by his sideline meltdowns, even though they get their asses kicked for two quarters after every one of the tirades. And the average fan is too stupid to critique his team, since the average fan didn't play the game.

Total denial. Total arrogance. Those who don't learn from their mistakes will repeat them, especially hard-headed high-school bullies. The fact that he's riding Taylor Martinez straight into the shitter is proof of that.

--Thanks to Hayden Hagen and Murph for sending this our way, as they know how much we love the dominance that Cameron Meredith displays on the gridiron each week. Two suggestions: rather than hanging out at the bar finger-painting and finger-blasting your girlfriend, perhaps hit the weight room so you can shed at least one block this season AND if third down is so fucking important please feel free to make a play on one of those downs against a team not named Chattanooga.

Meredith doesn't want to brag, but he's pretty artistic. His favorite painting is one that even PYB has heard of. He's also a budding foodie---his favorite restaurant is Pizza Hut.

--Is this a picture of the 2012 Nebraska Girls State Basketball Tournament, or the 1982 tournament? Judging by the hair, we're going with 1982.

--Tiger Woods has his BEST EVER final round on Sunday with a 62 (media conveniently forgets it's a par 70) and ties Tom Gillis for second place. But, no matter how much NBC hoped and campaigned for it, a Rory McIlroy meltdown was not meant to be. The Irishman coolly navigated the annoyingly overhyped Bear Trap for a two-shot win and snagged the world's No. 1 ranking in the process.

--Finally, thanks to Ken Sadler and his boys for winning us some cash on Saturday. Despite making 13 threes against Minnesota, NU found a way to lose by the needed 9.5 points. Brandon Ubel made ESPN's Top 10 plays for getting dunked on. And Sadler has one more game at the helm, as NU takes on Purdue Thursday evening.

We think it's funny that this year's team can finally make free throws and finally has had some highlight dunks (for which the awful Nebraska fans hardly cheered after complaining about the lack of dunks in recent years) but can't win a game.

PYB looks forward to the beginning of March Madness this week, as the legitimate conferences start their tournaments. Enjoy.

PS--Sportswriters who try to guess NCAA basketball tourney seeds and matchups and regions ahead of time are losers. The pointless activity ranks right up there with mock NFL drafts and October college football bowl projections. Give it a rest.

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