Thursday, September 1, 2011

CFB Kickoff

As the first college football Saturday nears, we offer a package to get jump-started:

--A Dear John letter from one pussy to another. If anyone needs a reason as to why NU football has been in the shitter since 2001, look no further.

--We continue the tradition of showing the nation why Kansas State will always be a punch line. Not that they haven't done it themselves with an updated embarrassment.

--And thanks to AMG, who at long last found a video PYB has searched for for years. At the 1:15 mark, Hayden Fry shows his emotional side and mastery of the English language all in one fell swoop: "Only thing I ever done!"

--Meanwhile, the clock ticks as the greatest game ever is slowly (or not so slowly) destroyed. Thanks to ESPN for the reminder. Click here.

First game's in a few hours...if you have any winners...send them to us here...

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