Tuesday, September 27, 2011


--PYB offers a cool link courtesy of Deadspin, from the days when rap music meant something.

Let's have a real good time, Let's have a real good time, Let's have a real good time,Let's have a real good time.....

--And Taylor Martinez has a smug attitude like players did when Nebraska football meant something. He's so out of touch with reality that he thinks he's good and can make plays whenever he wants. We're braced for another embarrassing and overwhelmed performance Saturday night.

--Thanks to the Dallas Cowgirls for kicking six FGs on MNF, and missing the cover by one point. Bettors everywhere cringe.

--Blaine Gabbert's NFL debut went as expected, except for the fact that he actually threw a TD pass. The score, however, came on a Hail Mary that the coaches designed for him to throw 10 yards short of the end zone because he wasn't strong enough to throw it 50 yards. Without that TD, Gabbert had 20 attempts for 103 yards. Right on par with his career 5-yards-per-attempt at Mizzou. Pussy.

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