Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Loser Anthem

Taylorina Martinez is a sniveling cunt. Having been covered 100 times on PYB, any analysis of his play would be redundant. He threw three interceptions, handed Ohio State 14 free points and tallied countless other strategic and game-management errors. Another tank job completed.

Still, this moron holds strong to his cluelessly arrogant ways, stating that the offense played "pretty well" because it racked up 38 points. Forget that 38 should have been 59. PYB was laughed out of the room Saturday night, when making the claim that we'd take Zac Lee over T Vagic right now. Ninety minutes later, we had a little more support from those who had laughed.

Martinez should never play another down at Nebraska. After another big-game failure, he's gone back to the company line that the game didn't really matter -- all goals are still in sight. The game wasn't that important....god forbid the team show some pride and beat a perfectly beatable rival on the road. If at first you don't succeed, create a new, watered-down goal to sell to the public. Aim lower, then fuck that up too.

“We all know that we can still go to the Big Ten championship and still play in the Rose Bowl,” quarterback Taylor Martinez said. “So this game really didn’t matter a lot. But we lost. Too bad that we lost. We could have won. But we can still go to the Rose Bowl.”

Can't wait until the next bad loss to see what leveling of aspirations Martinez and Bo Pinelli have in store for us all.....PYB offers this link....from our Wisconsin recap last year. Besides the only three good players NU had on defense being gone, has anything at all changed?

We thought about a dozen different ways to shed new light on this shit show in Lincoln. Couldn't add anything new. And this team doesn't deserve the effort. Just look at the bitch-assed expression on Taylorina's face in the above photo, which came after yet another game-tanking gaffe. The same look you get from a kid who looks to daddy in the stands every time things don't go his way.

This is a guy who's stupid. A guy who's scared to play under any sort of pressure or versus any opponent that hovers at .500 or above. A guy, still, who is cocky as fuck and gives insolent answers to the media despite being one of the worst QBs in NU history. A guy, who will somehow go down as a four-year starter, casting loads of shame on a once-proud program. A guy, who will be a four year starter who will spraypaint his name all over the Nebraska record book, and back that up by not being able to beat one above-average team the entire time. Fuck him.

As for Bo Pinelli.....Frank Solich called and wants his Rat-in-the-headlights face back. Who wouldn't take Scott Frost as head coach right now? Who doesn't think that Joe Ganz would be better at calling plays than Tim Beck? Surely he knows that he wouldn't have to use all 1000 plays in his repertoire come hell or high water.

The more PYB thinks about it, and to risk sounding like a xenophobic Nebraska bluehair, the more we think that NU needs a Cornhusker at head coach. Now, and always. There are too many traditions, caveats and unique aspects to the job that must be done a certain way to succeed in Lincoln.

Given the limited local recruiting base, a coach must know how to mix in the right number of skill players from out of state with foot soldiers from Nebraska. He must be committed to giving Nebraska an offensive and defensive identity -- one that will highlight the attributes of the aforementioned mix of speed and slow and get the best players on the field in less than 2.5 seasons.

One that will work in the elements and against all teams -- shitty Big 10 teams and good teams if NU ever earns a decent bowl trip again. Savvy enough to gain support of the stodgy fan base, while being able to incorporate a new flavor that will make Nebraska a viable brand for the next 25 years. Bullheaded, obtuse and arrogant won't get it done.

Easy Would hundreds of coaches kill to have it, without bitching that NU doesn't keeps a private jet? Yes. But with each added bottle blasting on national television, that number certainly dwindles.

Help Wanted: Desired characteristics include: Gentleman. Scholar. Innovator. Motivator. Leader.

Hell, we'd settle for one of those......right now, we're stuck on stupid.


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