Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hurtin' for a Skirtin'

PYB chimes in early Saturday, ambivalent to the day's plans, as work commitments take us to a better college football game and a better conference. We'll be in the stadium as Texas Tech visits TCU, missing another Cornhusker debacle. This time, in Evanston. Would we rather be watching....Yes. Do we need to see this movie again? Hell no.

--Anyway, the Omaha World-Herald's Tom Shatel said it well today.....

--Heard this all before. If you want to waste five minutes reading crap you've read 1000 times about this Nebraska team, here you go.... Our heart goes out to the poor sportswriter who is charged with penning this story each week. Word has it the team is "angry and purposeful." If the players suck, doesn't matter how pissed they are...were they not pissed against UCLA and Ohio State?

--Here's the OWH's breakdown of the game. PYB's key factor to watch: the coaching matchup. We still have vivid memories of 2011, as Pat Fitzgerald coached circles around Private Pinelli. Sure, it's a not too uncommon occurrence, but the intelligence disparity was on full display a year ago.

--Our call on what the score SHOULD be, if NU had good coaching and reliable players: Nebraska 49 Northwestern 17. Our call on what the score WILL be, due to bad coaching, mostly bad players, and a turnover-heavy QB: Northwestern 41 Nebraska 25.

This team does what it does....turn 14-point victories into three-score losses. South Carolina. UCLA. Don't despair, though, those are the good days. The bad days are when NU turns coin-flip games into all-out bottle blastings....Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State. Enjoy!

--Assistant coach Terry Joseph says NU needs to force more turnovers. He's right. Too bad the Blackskirts lost the only three good players they had after last season. So, his wish won't come true for at least another 10 months.

--Finally, we chuckle after doing a little test run on the forums. We've already been called out for knowing nothing about football for hammering T Vagic's horrid play and read that he's primed for a "Heisman run" in 2013. The thought that anyone could still be that delusional is mind numbing.

That's all we got for now. Hopefully, we're wrong with our pre-game prognostications. But, we know we aren't -- too much past proof. Too many bad players. Too much inane coaching. Book it.

Enjoy your weekend.....PYB

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