Friday, October 5, 2012

See Ya Suckeyes!

As PYB remembers happier times....well at least a time when we were able to taunt Suckeye fans in person. As Lee Evans streaked down the sideline for an 80-yard Wisconsin TD in Madison, we were able to stroll to the betting window to cash a winning ticket the season after Ohio State cashed in its fraudulent national championship ticket in Tempe.....

These were happier times, since taunting OSU fans was possible. Come tomorrow, as we squirm through another elf-in-the-headlights T-Vagic meltdown, we'll be taking the brunt of the abuse....

A few thoughts:

--Can this fat fuck go away? How is he shown by national television cameras EVERY week? Loser.

--The Suckeyes are clearly our most hated program in college football. Always a media favorite, adored for their 20-6 "blowouts" of Akron, while other teams are reviled for only beating a patsy 38-10.

--How can Tom Osborne and Harvey Perlman not be on the same page about the hiring of a new athletic director? Was it because Perlman knew how badly TO butchered his only other major hire while at NU -- Frank Solich as football coach? Or was Osborne too busy building a deluxe equipment shed while forgetting to field competitive athletic teams?

Sources say TO was disappointed he wasn't more of a factor in the hiring. Two solutions to that: don't quit or don't trash the football program in the first place by making a sympathy/loyalty hire. Fifteen years in the shitter and counting...

--Shit effort here, by the normally solid Tom Shatel.

--PYB is going to Ring the Alarm! Both sides of the Dwight Howard / Shaq O'Neal feud are ridiculous. Howard is a prima donna pussy that still hasn't developed a post move after eight years in the NBA. O'Neal couldn't do it on his own in Orlando, so jumped ship and headed to Los Angeles where he could gravy train Kobe Bryant's will to win to NBA titles. Now Howard does the same thing.

Neither could raise his free-throw percentage above 55%, but are/were involved in all kinds of media spectacles. Neither deserves any respect. Both of them are jokes. Kazaam!!

--Moving from two fools who don't deserve any attention to two people who do: PYB wishes them the best in an awful situation.

Go Huskers....we'll have the post-mortem Sunday....

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