Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pics of the Day -- L.A. Edition

As we digest all the excessive talk about Nebraska football, considering it's no longer a Top 25 program and more like a Top 40 program, PYB wanted to provide some photos from its correspondents along with some Wednesday notes. Photo one is a nice landscape from the shitty Rose Bowl, helping show just how many NU fans blew their money on traveling to another Cornhusker bottle blasting. (Interesting side note from the AP's Eric Olson: in its last 15 games against BCS teams, Nebraska is 7-8. Bam!)

The second picture shows the scum that is the state of California and that reps NU to the fullest while wearing denim shorts. Thanks to the Tall Dick and The Gambler for their submissions.

--Anything more rigged and stupid than the overturning of the New Orleans Saints' bounty suspensions? They had eight months to figure this out, and it all happens two days before the season begins?

--Brion Carnes to WR. Bet he's glad he came to NU. The only thing worse than backing up Taylor Martinez has to be relying on old Taylorina to make a good pass and get you the ball. He's also supposedly dabbling at punt returner. Brion, that job is taken! Don't you know that the Cornhuskers use their starting running back in that position, rather than the dynamite Jamal Turner? They use their starting running back, who's the starter because the original starter is hurt. So it makes sense to use the new starter as a punt returner, considering NU has at least three other bona fide options. We're fine.

--PYB loved seeing all the "9/11: Never Forget" propaganda yesterday. What a bunch of shit. If we had truly not forgotten, the U.S. would have eradicated every opposition in the Middle East and taken control of that entire part of the world years ago. Instead, we play political patsy, and at least two more Americans were killed in an attack in Libya. This, of course, added to the thousands who have died in Iraq & Afghanistan, as our country fucked around instead of using its full capabilities and demolishing everything in its path.

OK, on that note, we're out.

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