Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Bitch Iz a Bitch

PYB is pondering which is the bigger sign that college football is watered down and awful, while remembering sage wisdom from one Todd Shaw: "All bitches ain't women.":

--Nebraska starting a quarterback that is so damn stupid that he thinks he can force big plays into happening, even though he isn't any good. Worse yet, a quarterback who feeds off the panic his offensive coordinator creates by throwing nine straight plays once his team falls behind and still can't stop making huge mistakes at the worst times. Remember, football players were stupid when you went to high school and are mostly stupid in college. And stuff.


--Nebraska fans going apeshit over the fact that a third-rate defensive tackle quit the team yesterday. The same DT who's racked up a total of 17 tackles in 12 career games. Anyone who remembers seeing number 97 make a tackle behind the line of scrimmage, pressure a quarterback, disrupt a play in any fashion or even get off a dogpile -- please raise your hand.....  In all seriousness, the only time Chase Rome was mentioned in newspapers after a game was after beating the shit out of a paper towel dispenser at the Madison airport. Remember, football players are stupid. And a bitch is a bitch.


--The fact that local sportswriters are warning NU fans not to overlook the loss of walk-on WR Tyler Wullenwaber. He has two catches this year. This is the same Nebraska team that has wasted the careers of pass-catching standouts Mike McNeill and Kyler Reed. Remember, ex-football players turned coaches are smarter than most other football players, but in relation to the rest of society, still pretty stupid.


--That Nebraska coaches are back to the haphazard, panicked adjustments they implemented in 2011. You know, the "new, permanent" starters at cornerback that they changed for three consecutive games? Now, we get the "possible move from a 4-3 to 3-4 defense" after one bad game. If the system is tried and true, why does one bad game force a philosophical change? Maybe because the defense now has no identity, just like the offense?

Also, if a 4-3 defense requires three linebackers and Nebraska barely has one good one (Will Compton, when not required to run fast or tackle athletic opponents) is moving to a 3-4 going to help when it requires another linebacker? Now, coaches must produce three LBs out of thin air rather than just two. Sure, we know they can mix and match personnel and it won't be four pure LBs at all times, but the "strategy" is fucked from the start.

We're fine.