Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Lincoln?

Nebraska confirmed itself as the beachfront bully Saturday, kicking sand in the face of yet another 100-pound pussy incapable of defending himself. After another pounding of a meaningless, hapless Arkansas State team, NU fans can choose to bury their heads in the sand and call the win a sign that the Blackskirts are 'back'. Or, they can be realistic, and use the 42-13 win as confirmation that the Huskers are who we knew they were.....and let them off the hook. Had the game been properly managed and turnovers avoided, a good team would have won 63-6.

PYB isn't going to go overboard repeating things we've already said 100 times. The game was a weird one, from start to finish. It came complete with a dyke play-by-play announcer referring to the 'play cock nearly expiring', Sidney Poitier as the color analyst and another drama-queen moment from Bo Pinelli. We'll settle for updates, just like the NU Athletic Department settled by scheduling a dogshit game like this one:

--Tyler Martinez did what he does. Rack up numbers against bad teams. Plays that are scores and completions against the Red Wolves will be no gains and interceptions against a team with a pulse. Taylorina's first touchdown pass to Kenny Bell was horrendous and wouldn't fly against a BCS team. Bell did his best to spin it as a "back shoulder throw" after the game, but we know the truth. Heck, even Arkansas State found a way to expose Martinez's lack of pocket presence and rattle him into two third-quarter fumbles.

T Vagic is good enough to beat up patsies and good enough to get you beat against anyone decent. He's also just inefficient enough to make sure NU's backup QB gets one meaningless series in blowouts instead of a full quarter of reps.

--Ameer Abdullah looked great. Too many carries to absorb, given that the game was a blowout. Imani Cross and Braylon Heard both looked solid. Mike Marrow is terrible, and his playing time should dwindle to zero very soon. Can't run, can't block, can't hang on to the ball. Either bench him....or make him a four-year starter.

--The offensive line was bad, as usual, but got a hall pass because Abdullah is so good at bouncing runs inside or outside, a la Roy Helu. The front five cannot sustain a push....ever. Not even against Arkansas State. This does not bode well for conference play. At least there weren't a million penalties. Baby steps.

--Receivers were great as always. Bell was a difference maker. Quincy Enunwa caught the ball well and was tough to bring down. Kyler Reed caught another ball. Only trouble is, they'll go MIA in big games because their quarterback is bad.

--The defensive line was terrible, as suspected. When all four starters suck, the unit as a whole will suck. It's just science. Cameron Meredith is cementing his place in history as the worst starting defensive end in Nebraska history. If you can think of somebody worse, please let us know. John Ankrah looked as if he's adopted Meredith's same lethargic play and fitness regimen. His ass gets fatter by the day, and will be 2-Live-Crew-video material in a matter of weeks.

--Linebackers: Will Compton made a few plays but is too slow to run plays down. Zaire Anderson didn't look very good, or fast. Hopefully, he was just tentative in his first game. We don't believe that's the case, however. David Santos looked like he could run a bit and may be a capable player the next few seasons. There was a Sean Fisher sighting. He's really smart and is going to medical school, or so they tell us.

--The defensive backs looked the same....far from perfect but impossible to grade because of the ineptitude of the front four. PJ Smith had a nice game and could solidify the secondary if he can continue tackling well in the Big 10. Daimion Stafford, though far from perfect, can provide some spark with big hits. Josh Mitchell may be the team's best tackler, at 165 pounds. Mo Seisay saw some action, and at least he was within two yards of his receiver whenever we saw him.

There you have it......Husker Nation is back! Back feasting on cupcakes and living in denial. Idaho State will be a joke next week, and Wisconsin has been flat-out awful. They should have lost yesterday, at home, to Utah State.....but the Aggie kicker decided to shank a 37-yard field goal in the final minute.

Michigan State was equally moribund against Notre Dame. The Spartans didn't stand a chance all game. ESPN darling Ohio State barely escaped at home against Cal -- but we expect the Buckeyes to dismantle NU in Columbus. Iowa eked out a W against the mighty UNI Panthers.

Bottom line is.....this year's version of the Big 10 may be the worst major conference in 20 years. Somehow, Nebraska could win the whole enchilada and go get embarrassed in the Rose Bowl again. Maybe against the explosive Trojans of USC -- another overrated ESPN favorite who barely beat Syracuse and got dominated up front in a loss to Stanford Saturday night.

Sadly, Pinelli & Crew will find a way to fuck up a shot at a New Year's Day bowl. We know this to be true. And it is probably for the best, if it means avoiding playing an athletic team on national television.

What happened to the good times?

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