Saturday, December 31, 2011

--This is really original....and hilarious. Where do they come up with this stuff?

--Las Vegas linemakers came out with Michigan State as just a seven-point favorite for Saturday's game at Nebraska. Are they not reading the injury reports, or do they have something up their sleeves? We're rolling with the Spartans, either way....PYB just hopes the Huskers can crack 50 points today, considering Dylan Talley and JB Diaz are likely on the shelf again.

--As Alfonzo Dennard prepares for one final challenge at Nebraska, we'll go ahead and call him the best cornerback in Cornhusker history. Perhaps other CBs had more interceptions, but Dennard hasn't had the same supporting cast as others. His athleticism and breaks on short routes are unmatched. Who are the other candidates? Michael Booker, Ralph Brown, Tyrone Williams.....maybe NFL flop Bruce Pickens and flop-in-the-making Prince Amukamara could be thrown into the conversation?

--By the way, South Carolina players and coaches have been very respectful of NU thus far in their media comments. Do they really believe the Huskers to be a worthy opponent, or are they just trying to placate them, lull them to sleep and then blast them come Monday?

--Interesting box score here, as Tempe Corona del Sol (or Coronal del Mar according the the South Sioux newspaper) downs Mike Gesell and his SSCHS squad in holiday tournament action in Arizona. Corona del Sol is rated second in Arizona's top class, providing a measuring stick of the ability of Doc Sadler's latest recruiting miss. 36 points, nine rebounds and 6 assists....while getting to the line 14 times....seems pretty legit. This, of course, without seeing him play in person.

In the AZ Basketball Challenge, SSC bookended an 82-72 loss to Corona with two wins against teams from Tucson and Phoenix. Not powerhouse teams, but impressive nonetheless.

--Boring...Commercial. College sports decays just a bit more before our very eyes...

--Finally, PYB is ready to rock with five college bowl games today. Granted, they're all shit games, but it gives us an excuse to play up the cold we caught while travelling for the holidays, sit on the couch all day, and gamble the hours away....

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  1. My all-time CB vote: Pat Ricketts or Courtney Grixby