Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Wrapping

Some pre-Christmas notes before we hit the road:

--Who will miss 10 assignments if Mike Caputo can't play in the Capital One bowl for NU? Better question: why can't a starting Nebraska football player find a road whore to take him home from the bars?

--Gonna be a long season at the Devaney Center. Dylan Talley, one of the few athletic recruits NU has bagged in recent years, has a debilitating injury and will be in and out of the lineup for time everlasting. The Huskers' top two centers are out--one all season and one indefinitely. And their only scorer just fucked up his thumb. We might want to review our 14-16 preseason prediction...but will wait until after Wisconsin drubs Doc's boys in a 49-36 shootout. Hell, at least they held off the Chippewas last night...

--Which would help the Nebraska football team more? Keeping Bo Pinelli or having a new coach who would bench Taylorina Martinez? This just in, for the record....Penn State would be a downgrade from Nebraska, but Pinelli would love being able to play overmatched, white, home-state safeties on his defense for years to come with little public scrutiny.

--Hey everyone! NU signed a CB who can play right away next season! Heard this one before: Andre Jones, Armando Murillo, Zack Bowman. Can't wait until Andrew Green and Ciante Evans and the cornerback du jour are playing next year while newbie Mohammed Seisay festers on the sideline. Then we'll certainly hear that he hasn't practiced as well as the others and it's all about competing.....can't fucking wait.

Even funnier is how the Omaha World Herald continually references its partner in recruiting coverage--Huskers Illustrated--and links stories and blogs to the site that requires a registration fee. No thanks. We'll wait to see if these guys can play once they hit the field and leave the hyperbole to all the cretins with nothing better to do than stroke it to the alleged talents of 18-year-old kids.

--Dear Coach Kaczynski: Stay in Iowa City. The cupboard at defensive line is bare as shit in Lincoln.

--It just re-occurred to us: Matt Slauson is a pussy.

--Anyone who watched ESPN's "The Sports Reporters" over the years should not be surprised that this arrogant, disgusting pig is a pedophile. If it wasn't enough to have to watch Bill Conlin slobber his over his yellow, crooked teeth over his bottom lip and into his coffee mug while regurgitating his short-sighted soliloquies, we get to watch him retire like any coward would when the disgusting details hit the air. To make it worse, one of the alleged victims is a family member.

--Ryan Clark thinks folks in the Gay Bay rigged a power outage on MNF. Ryan....your whole sport is rigged. If you don't believe me, look it up. Eli Manning has a ring.

--Speaking of rigged sports, PYB is looking forward to the NBA. Even with everyone jerking off the Clippers, they'll find a way to go sub-.500. Even money says Chris Paul or Blake Griffin blows his knee within 15 games.....

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