Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lay it Down

--If you were going up the river for up to 40 years, would you make a run for it after you got released on bail? His lawyer is convinced of his complete innocence, shockingly enough. We're not sure if Hurd is more ballsy or stupid for calling agents this summer to ask for his $88,000 back.

--Wisconsin-Whitewater beat Mount Union 13-10 Friday night for its third-straight Division III national title. It was the seventh straight season that the two teams had met for the crown....pretty amazing. At least one college football team from Wisconsin can win a game when it matters.

PYB likes watching the FCS, D-II and D-III games more each year. Less commercial interest, more about the game itself. We're just wondering how ESPN will fuck this up in the coming years. Putting the game at 6pm on Friday was probably the first step.

--Nebraska plays Alcorn State in hoops at the Devaney tonight. Sweet. Seriously, a game vs. Division I UNO would be better.

--Yay! Everyone gets a trophy! Rex Burkhead is one of the Nebraska team Co-MVPs but Taylorina gets offensive MVP. How does that make sense? Also happy to see Luke Lingenfelter get the "Husker Heart" award for wasting a spot on the NU team the last few years.

--Speaking of football, we're convinced the Capital One Bowl will be a game NU should have won, only to have Martinez piss it away because he can't handle playing against a speedy, physical defense.

That's all for now...slow times in the sports world today....we're just bracing for the epic Rat vs. Utah State matchup later today.


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