Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don't Touch the Watch...

--Glad to see that NU is once again taking bowl season seriously. Mike Caputo racks up a DUI and Eric Martin ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident. Glad to see they respect their teammates and fellow citizens. Well, all the more reason to place a healthy wager on South Carolina on January 2. Sadly, these two scrubs should be afterthoughts in a program as proud as Nebraska's used to be. Now they're starters whose stupid actions are already detracting from its chances to lick the Cocks.

--At least Doc Sadler's basketball team logged a nice, comeback road win at TCU Saturday. We aren't able to offer analysis, because we were too cheap to pay for The MTN network given the fact we only would be home for the second half.

Hopefully, they can handle the remaining two stiffs on their non-conference schedule, because the start of the Big 10 schedule looks like a distinct 0-4 possibility unless the Huskers improve dramatically. Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State, Illinois. Ouch.

--Only 27 more starts.....should get over the hump....any game now. What a waste of 1000 words. And 500 more....

--Finally, PYB got an insider tip on the leading candidates for defensive coordinator at Nebraska. They are, in no particular order, the 7th grade coach at Youngstown middle school, the 8th grade coach at Youngstown middle school, and the 9th grade coach at Youngstown middle school.

--The Washington Post with a nice writeup on Roy Helu. Still thrilled that NU wasted his talent for 3+ seasons.

All for now...we promise to get back into the swing after a heavy week of travel....

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