Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Mix

--Orlando: Still soft after all these years. Apparently, playing five small forwards doesn't work in the playoffs.

--Nebraska baseball won Saturday over Kansas State, but lost Logan Ehlers for the weekend series due to an MIP. An offense that was "early Friday morning" meaning late Thursday night. The things that ruined NU baseball under John Sanders and ceased under Dave Van Horn are once again present under Mike Anderson.

Looking the other way while the players drink away their chances at finishing anywhere but last in the Big 12 won't cut it. If they don't take their scholarships and opportunities to play at a great facility seriously, tell them sayonara. It's a lesson Van Horn taught early on, while earning respect and making the program a legitimate Top-10 presence. Now, it's a bad joke...again.

--Can Taylor Martinez be benched yet? PYB has not heard from any fans that like the tunnel-visioned QB and suspects his teammates feel the same. In viewing limited tape from Saturday's spring game, at least Brion Carnes moves like a QB, throws like a man and can avoid oncoming tacklers. We suspect we'll be disappointed this fall....

--So the new stadium sucks and they're eventually going to ruin the College World Series entirely? Is this what Tom Shatel is too nice/chicken to say in this column? It's inevitable...

--Sunday NBA playoff picks, while we wonder where pussy Dwight Howard will flee to in search of a gravy-trained title....

San Antonio -6 over Memphis..Grizz too cocky about taking on league's best team.

New Orleans +10 over LA Lakers...Lakers suck but will grind it out and loser movie stars revel in another "HUGE WIN".

New York +6.5 over Boston...Celtics win, but NYK keeps it close. Fat Shaq rakes in another million while watching from the bench. POS.

Denver +4 over OKC...Thunder better strap it up against a tougher Nugget team. Can Nene, Kenyon & JR show some composure when needed??

--Finally, congratulations to Eddie House for his contribution to the all-time annals of Allan Houston Award for his game line earlier this week: 14/27 from the field, 7/13 from downtown, one assist, ZERO steals, ZERO rebounds....35 points. And thanks to RunLike for spotting this one while we were on Tobacco Road.....

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