Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Classic

Thanks to the Diggler for the photo of Citizens Bank in Philly, as we throw some randoms items from the road your way this morning....

--Carmelo Anthony's performance last night was memorable. It was nice. But save the exaggerations: it was no Instant Classic. Nor was it epic. But the fact that he's taking heat for passing to an open teammate under the basket on the game's final possession is ridiculous. Isn't everyone hammering Lebron James for not passing? Didn't MJ pass on many occasions? Yes and Yes.

--Nebraska baseball strings together a two-game win streak against sub-par opponents. The world rejoices.

--From the exaggeration department: Tom Shatel compares TD Ameritrade's views up a stupid footbridge that nobody will use, the Qwest Center, a toxic Missouri River and Council Bluffs to the views at Coors Field in Denver. Even for an Omahan, this is over the top.

--PYB remembers where we were the day that Brook Berringer died. Nine months after writing a feature for the football gameday program on Berringer, we were working late on the weekly edition of the College of Journalism newspaper. Halfway to completion, the news came through and student photographers/reporters were sent out to the scene.

From the back steps of Avery Hall, we could see the front door of the South Stadium--where all the football offices were housed. We could see all the hustle and bustle outside the building.

That night, we stayed until midnight re-doing the layout and printing the story. It was a strange and sad day, indeed. It was another in the long line of events, good and bad, that sculpted the face of the best era of Nebraska football.


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