Tuesday, April 26, 2011

$$ Song of the Day

This money song of the day is inspired by MRQ, as we laugh at Tom Shatel's latest hyperbole from the OWH....

1. He can't wait to see the first "BIG DUAL-EVEN" clash at TD Ameritrade and the Qwest! Qwest! Qwest! center, as Bob Seger comes to town on the same night that two sub-par college baseball teams duel it out across the street. For real? A 20-year-out-of-his-prime singer and two shitty baseball teams means a tidal wave of traffic to deal with?

2. Now Niles Paul is a "steal" in the NFL draft? The guy was a horrible college player and singlehandedly lost his team three games in two seasons and will be a steal for someone? The fact that his physical traits and combine tests match or better AJ Green's are all the more reason to steer clear of this stiff. Oh yeah, but he has small hands so that's the reason he sucks!

We here at PYB measured our own hands, as we can catch the DAMN BALL just fine and ours are more than an inch smaller than Paul's, so please find another fucking excuse.

3. Best wishes to PYB favorite Dejon Gomes as he waits on this weekend's draft. His contributions in two short years in Lincoln cannot be underestimated---especially as he played out of position a lot this past season. He quietly went about his business and impacted games for NU, unlike the aforementioned Paul who was all bluster, constant drama and NO results. Nebraska needs more like Gomes.

For now, enjoy the tunes....

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