Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jeff George Jr.

With the NU basketball team off the whole week until a crucial game against Texas A&M in Lincoln, there isn't much to talk about that hasn't been driven into the ground 1000 times on talk radio. But here goes anyway, as we don't want to let our readers down:

--Two of the biggest jokes, in PYB's very-modest opinion, are contained in this one link. Anyone who has the time or inclination to participate, think about or acknowledge a mock NFL draft is a loser. Plain and simple.

The second joke is that Prince Amukamara, though we love him, didn't get any INTs this past season because teams didn't throw at him. Actually, it's because he isn't very good at playing the ball. Name one big play he made in 2010? Mel Kiper goes so far as to call him a 'ball hawk.' A ball hawk would have at least ONE interception. No wonder so many of these projections fall short of expectations.

We wish Amukamara luck, but could definitely see a flop of Bruce Pickens and Michael Booker proportions ahead.....

--Good luck Niles Paul. Being a great blocker is a sure ticket to a long NFL career--just ask Randy Moss. No Prop line from Vegas yet on how many drops he'll have in Mobile.

--And if you haven't had enough of the Jay Cuntler saga, we'll stoke the fire. It's not about believing if he was hurt. It's about the sad-sack look on his face and the fact that he didn't look disappointed he wasn't on the field and didn't once so much as wince due to the 'pain' in his knee.

If anyone honestly thinks a QB named Brady, Brees, or Manning would have come out of that game, feel free to defend Cuntler. Until then, let's just all admit he's weak. He is a gutless loser in the mold of Jeff George.

--Carson Palmer requested a trade? As regularly as he tossed INTs for TDs this past season, PYB thought he was already playing for a team other than the Bengals.

--Also, anyone who thought winners of Sunday's NFL games would be any team besides the Steelers and Packers is either extremely naive, dumb or both. Do you honestly think the NFL would give up this ratings bonanza?

It was definitely cute how they let both underdogs make 'furious' comebacks with overmatched QBs. Are we honestly supposed to believe that Green Bay Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers wouldn't pressure the hell out of Caleb Hanie, who had never started an NFL game? Nope.....he was playing it straight up and making him read coverages. Please.

And anyone who watched the Steelers' rigged Super Bowl wins over Seattle and Arizona knew Rapelisberger and Company already had reservations for Dallas. But wise bettors all knew to load up on these favorites and take the easy dough. In the words of the immortal Bobby Knight, "If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it."

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