Monday, January 3, 2011

Gabbert to the NFL

Blaine Gabbert is now hoping to follow in Chase Daniel's footsteps as professional clipboard holder, by declaring for the NFL draft. "Experts" say his big arm will make him a great NFL quarterback. PYB says his big fucking vagina will make his NFL stay a short one. Anyone who watched him throw from his back foot when even lightly pressured while at Mizzou will agree.

Can't beat Iowa? Choke the game away? Time for the big leagues! Does this officially start the Tyler Gabbert era? Or did that begin when he got his ass kicked a while back? We think he's probably a 'scared pussy' like his older brother...

More class emanating from Starkville and Mississippi State....joke.

More cock shots circulating...this time supposedly from a former Ryder Cup captain.

1 comment:

  1. Gabbert's holding up the amount of years he'll last in the league before throwing a pass.