Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Countdown to Columbia

This should spell two 25-point-plus blowouts in the coming week. Always has, always will.

--Congrats to Auburn on their win over Oregon in last night's BCS game. Congrats to PYB on taking the Tigers -1 over the overmatched Ducks. We now get to root for Auburn to have its second undefeated season nullified due to cheating. We also were glad to witness, after watching Cam Newton nearly blow the Tigers' chances at the championship crystal by blowing two easy TD passes, the coming-out party for the Poor Man's Vince Young.

Newton is not even close to as dangerous as Young was at Texas, and is probably more scatter-armed. We saw how that worked out for VY so far in the NFL and expect Newton's holier-than-thou facade to come crashing down quickly at the next level.

--By the way, nice fucking field at University of Phoenix stadium last night. You'd think the field would be tested to prevent ruining the game. Same shit, different decade. PYB remembers seeing the Fiesta Bowl field in 1990 in person and it being nothing more than sand painted green.

--And finally, another reason that we all know we can't trust college referees and reminder that any game can be fucked by replay officials who don't know the rules, don't care or are just too stupid to pay attention to the details. Two games in less than a week with different calls on identical plays.

--The epitome of Chiefs fans....

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