Friday, August 9, 2013

Bonus Jams '13

"It's a mix tape I made...."

PYB dives in with some quick hits and some PGA Championship thoughts, as the Golf Channel announcers beat dead horses during a Friday rain delay:

1. Is Kelly Tilghman from Dallas? Judging by her hair, we'd guess yes. Is it long before we see her on a Jhirmack commercial.

2. Apparently, watching Tiger Woods hit wedges on the range for 30 minutes is good television. We just wonder if he can get a wedge within 15 feet of the practice pins?

3. Apparently, a ball sitting in the middle of a fairway is called an "up and down." Who knew? See link below...excuse the unsightly appearance....our laptop SUCKS!!

4. Apparently, a left-handed golfer can "yank" a ball left of his target? Who knew? Who also knew that a national beat writer didn't have to know shit about golf to get a job? Wish we'd known that 10 years ago.

"I prefer vaginal intercourse....."

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