Sunday, June 16, 2013

One for the Thumb

PYB chimes in this Father's Day, with a quick entry before the family awakes and everyone gets flooded with activity:

--Phil Mickelson leads after three rounds at the U.S. Open at Merion. Will he finally close the deal today, or will he tempt us, get us to invest 15 hours of viewing time and a possible divorce, and then collapse once again leaving us feeling cheapened and used as a dweeb with a name like Webb, Hunter or Charl raises the hardware?

--During yesterday's telecast, Bob Costas chimed in with an NBC Sports Update. His topic: the Chicago Cubs 105-year World Series Championship drought. Huh? Costas reported that the Cubs beat the Mets for their third consecutive victory, but that they won't be winning a championship this year either. Given that CHC has been 10+ games under .500 for weeks, said update was pointless, but reminded us of a question we posted months ago:

Why do the three major networks insist on chiming in with these pointless and/or unrelated-to-anything updates? Is it of the utmost importance that they interrupt a college football Saturday to let us know that Team USA downed Bolivia in a Davis Cup tennis qualifier? Is it paramount to keep us apprised on the progress of the September MLB matchup between the fourth-place Indians and fifth-place Bluejays? We don't get it. Moving on.....

--Sergio Garcia was getting "fried chicken" cat calls from the gallery yesterday. Like we said, he should never bother to play in the States again -- unless it's a Ryder Cup.

--Bo Pinelli and company had a big recruiting day on Saturday. Let us know when the next batch of saviors all sign on the dotted line in February. PYB will step out of its usual stance a bit, and admit to watching Zack Darlington's player card on and being impressed. He can run, he can throw deep, he can throw with touch. Very impressive.....meaning.....he's the opposite of Taylor Martinez, he'll waffle by January and he'll sign with another school....

--Is it just us, or does something about the field and/or stadium at this year's College World Series make it more visually acceptable? Maybe it's the new signage. This could give rise to a new batch of sweatshirts for the nerds who pretend that Animal House is their autobiography.

--We end with a game: will the following chokers all finish with a score lower than 77 today? Donald, Stricker, Mahan, and Rose. We say hell no.

All we have for now...Father's Day has commenced....Tiger is back.

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