Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jars of Clay

"I once knew a dude named Endo weed..."

PYB jumps into the mix with a Sunday post, as we watch Indiana try to piss away a 5-2 lead against  Florida State and their God-awful mustard uniforms.....let's keep those out of Omaha, please:

--Spurs take game one of the NBA Finals, with Tonya Parker providing the game-clinching bucket. In usual fashion, the news media quickly exaggerated the play, calling it the best of the year and a shocking win for San Antonio. Apparently, it is shocking that a team that struggled to beat Chicago and Indiana lost to one of the top three teams in the league.

--Stuck in our hotel room this week in Lubbock, we couldn't help but notice the 48-hour loop ESPN had going featuring the 101 Most Ridiculous Plays of this basketball season. Noting:

  • Marcellus Wiley isn't funny but tried to be. Stick to NFL coverage, where you can maintain at least a shred of credibility. Where's Jay Williams when we need him?
  • Wiley saying that Jason Terry talked his way on to an NBA Championship roster is stupid and ironic, considering Terry (no matter how annoying he is) was a long-time member of the Dallas Mavericks and the reason he was mentioned in the first place is because they showed Queen James dunking on him. The same Queen James that signed his way on to a championship team because he couldn't earn one.
  • This dunk, featured on that show, was outrageous. Apologies if we're the only ones who hadn't seen this previously.
--Side note: Indiana pissed away the lead, pushing across the tying runs on two consecutive HBPs. The same fat fuck who could do no wrong against Nebraska in the Big Ten title game is quaking in his boots, bouncing pitches 10 feet short of the plate between hitting Seminole batters...

--Brett Favre says he was wrong. Eric Crouch feels his pain. Why the hell is Stephen Smith commenting on the situation?

--Another 12 months of this shit? Taylor Martinez is predicted to be awesome due to private coaching. Martinez lights up bad teams. Martinez melts down against any decent team on the slate. Could they mold some clay around the God-damned football so that NU doesn't lead the national in fumbles for the fourth straight year?

--Pardon us if we don't drool over a high-school kicker that has made 26 of his last 34 attempts. But, NU better take what it can get on the recruiting circuit, because it's SO hard to beat conference foes Ohio State and Michigan for the top players in the land. After all, they've combined for 1.5 national championships in the past 42 seasons. How can anyone hope to compete with that?

--Indiana leads 7-5 after a two-run bomb....guess having good hitters does help in baseball, despite what Mike Anderson thinks.

--Bo Pinelli changed a strategy? We don't believe it. This time, Bipolar Betty calls for season-long captains rather than game-by-game captains. We'd settle for a decent defense.

--Who isn't pumped up about Nebraska and UCLA kicking off at 11am in September? What the fuck??

--NU at Cincinnati in hoops...Is it safe to say that Kye Kurkowski won't be mixing it up vs. the Bearcats like Xavier did a couple years back? Enjoy the commentary. Coaches and officials should have let these pussies beat each other to death...

--An A for Chris Perez for creativity..

Well, we're signing out. An uninspired offering, admittedly, we'll come strong next time....if something meaningful happens between now and then. We're just excited that game two of the NBA Finals is tonight. It's so much better to play the game when people have to work the next day, rather than a Saturday when everyone can stay up later and enjoy a few beers....


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