Tuesday, December 11, 2012


PYB checking in, wishing all our readers a happy holiday season, hoping that you're enjoying the propaganda campaign trying to convince us all that Nebraska stands a chance Jan. 1 against Georgia...

--Here's the latest version, and we're sure that PYB-favorite Jon Nyatawa loved this assignment. We expect the same performance that Private Pinelli and Company blessed us with in last season's Capital One bowl: start out with some early spark, turn the ball over, panic, Taylorina shift into full-meltdown mode.....bottle blasted. Surely, the Dawgs are salivating at the thought of a panicky, fidgety, scatter-armed, pea-brained, error-prone QB coming their way on New Year's Day....

--We've seen and heard it all before...but Bo says his troops are ready to go. They'll be focused and ready to go, he says. Apparently, for the first time in five years.

--The Nebraska volleyball team logged its yearly choke job to a more athletic team. They are the Kansas Jayhawks of women's volleyball.

--No recruiting season would be complete without Pinelli venturing in to Ohio to steal a lightly regarded recruit from Big East also-rans and Big Ten cellar dwellers. He didn't disappoint us this year. Faced with the daunting prospect of replacing Porky Meredith, a defensive end so fat and ineffective that he was moved to defensive tackle mid-season, Pinelli snatched this gem from the clutches of West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Purdue and Indiana.

After further analysis, PYB thinks he'll do just fine after gaining 35 pounds of fat in the next 18 months. That should allow him to be ready to play pattycake with offensive linemen, let the play pass him by and waddle behind the action just like the DEs before him. We're fine.

--Switching gears to the NFL: The Texans and Falcons both exposed as frauds in Week 14. It was just a matter of time.

--Bobby Petrino gets another job....huh?

Gotta run for now....we're going to go plow a co-worker, crash a car and quit on our teammates at the office in hopes of getting a better job.....


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