Saturday, August 11, 2012


Welcome to the weekend:

--Say it along with us, in the whiniest voice that a 40-year-old man can possibly make: "Throw it to Maurice Purify...fuuuuuucck!"

--Dwight Howard to Los Angeles. The NBA is fucking rigged. It makes the WWE look authentic. PYB will play fantasy basketball going forward. We won't follow results of games. Why doesn't Emperor Stern just create four all-star teams and disband the rest? In effect, that's what he's already let happen. Anyway, another great Adrian Wojnarowski piece, chronicling the fact the Howard is a pussy.

--Who knows if any of NU's most recent signees can play, but we like the fact that Bo Pinelli has decided that stockpiling players from the South who can run is a decent idea. Get the intangibles. Figure the rest out later.

--We don't like the Big Ten brainwashing that has led Nebraska to target slow running backs. Hello, 3.2 ypc and 13-9 games. Where's Pam Ward when you need her?

--Finally, more embarrassing Olympic phenomenon: the inevitable female-athlete meltdown followed by immediate sobfest OR overly cocky female victor who struts around like Keyshawn Johnson after a five-yard reception? Too tough to call for us....both make us look away from the television and pretend it didn't happen.

Enjoy your Saturday...PYB

PS--We can't agree more about Roy Williams.....and Rick Barnes.

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