Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pippen Ain't Easy

It's Tuesday:

--PYB doesn't know why a story is written about NU's backup quarterbacks. They won't play in 49-7 blowouts, except for one mop-up series that includes a fullback dive and a kneel-down. However, we felt compelled to comment. Perhaps Tommy Armstrong has surprised Tim Beck with his early grasp of the offense, because he is smarter than a rock--which is more than one can say about the starting quarterback....and stuff.

--Is it really news that Barney Cotton sucks? Nebraska football fans have known this for nine years--since his horrible one-year stint as offensive coordinator. He eliminated any questions the next season by blowing Iowa State's one-and-only chance at a Big 12 North title with his horrific playcalling against Missouri.

The Cotton phenomenon is one of the biggest con jobs we've ever witnessed. Somehow, Barney had the nerve to campaign for his sons last week, saying they all deserved their scholarships at NU. When their list of suitors read Iowa State, Ohio and various D-III schools, we respectfully disagree. Notice, the only D-I schools in the prior sentence are ones where Cotton has friends and the Ole Boy Network is alive and well.

--If a lineman gets homesick--FUCKING HOMESICK--do we really expect him to be able to block anyone in front of 80,000 fans on any given Saturday? Next man up. NU's Pipeline will just "reload" with another young stud who's equally adept at racking up false starts and drive-crushing holding penalties 10 yards away from the play.

--Proud PYB follower Antonio Bell gets some pub....

--The OWH's Dirk Chatelain had some gems in his latest blog. Ranking NU's 1990 and 1996 recruiting classes ahead of 1992. The '92 class racked up two national titles, went 60-3 and had five significant NFL players. More titles and NFL guys than the other two...but somehow not as good in his eyes. We'd cast this off as a rare misstep, BUT....

He also says Scottie Pippen would be one of the four players he's remove from the 1992 Olympic basketball team if he had to add four from the 2012 squad. But he'd keep Clyde Drexler. Apparently, he has never seen an NBA game and didn't know that Pippen was one of the best, most versatile defenders ever. He could guard four positions. Anyone watching the sieve-like defense this year's team produced, might appreciate that fact--had they any knowledge of the game.

Enjoy your week....PYB

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