Saturday, August 25, 2012


PYB in for a quick hitter before heading out on and overnight golf outing.....and hopes to be back with a college football over/under prognostication...if time allows:

--Tiger Woods! What a warrior! Only a stud who completed Navy SEAL training could overcome these kind of debilitating injuries to battle for second-tier PGA Tour titles! Is ths just another sign of his steroid-addled body breaking down, or just the fact that he's a fucking drama queen looking for attention and excuses as to why he can't win a real tournament anymore?

--Anyone with a good suggestion on a sports news site that presents information before over video, Flash features and other glitz & glam.....please let us know. Wahoo! Sports is officially unusable.

--Speaking of unusable....we present the Omaha World-Herald's newly designed sports section. Bravo!!

--Speaking of hilarious.....the Lincoln Urinal-Star is now charging for online content. That's like paying a premium to watch two high-school kids talk about sports on a public access cable channel at 1:30am.....on a Friday!!!

--NU football fans need to hope that Tommy Armstrong is the real deal. Judging from video, he throws like a man, which is more than can be said for any other Cornhusker QB in five years. And apparently, he's smarter than a fifth grader....and stuff. And we're setting the line at 500 for over/under on how many times some dildo spells his first name "Tommie" or misspelling it as Tommie Frazier as "Tommy" in comparison stories over the next five years.

--Prince Amukamara got hurt last night. The New York Giants will have to find someone else to blow coverages and miss tackles for a few weeks.

--Is Lance Armstrong guilty of blood doping? Who knows. If he is, he's one of the most arrogant liars ever. He'd make Eldrick Woods look like Abe Lincoln. If he's innocent, he's getting screwed. Either way, the USADA should have never stripped him of his Tour de France titles. Not because they were necessarily wrong, but to piss off the French pussies who hate Americans regardless of innocence or guilt.

All we got.....PYB

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  1. Can you address Pelini's catchphrase "light years" it's entering the Rat's "no question" zone.

    -A Mack Gangster