Monday, January 9, 2012

Strike Four

We'll keep this short and to the point, because a loss is a loss and Nebraska is still 0-4 to start its inaugural Big 10 season. However, in a downright ugly game, NU gained a spark from the surprise return from Dylan Talley and JB Diaz and nearly pulled off an upset before falling 59-54 to Illinois.

PYB only wishes the Omaha World Herald had the inside scoop on the two players' returns, so we could have adjusted our wagers accordingly. In the first half, Ken Sadler's squad couldn't even make a simple entry pass without turning the ball over. Still, they fought back and had the ball with the game tied at 54. Sadler had a great play set, even though Talley screwed up the rhythm by waving off point man Brandon Richardson until the shot clock was at 10.

Still, Richardson found a crease but rushed a bounce pass to a cutting Bo Spencer who couldn't contain the ball before it slipped out of bounds. On the next possession, with the game still tied at 54, Sadler had another great play set as Spencer ran the baseline past three picks. In succession, Talley, Diaz and Toney "Butterfingers" McCray did their best Austin Cassidys and whiffed on the picks. Spencer's defended was never deterred and altered his desperation three-point heave.

Game still not McCray drew a charge on a made bucket and had the chance to tie the game at 56. we've come to expect...McCray looked more nervous than a whore at church and missed both free-throw attempts badly. Then, Richardson commits intentional foul on the pending fast break. Game finally over.

Oh well, we all expected a loss. At least NU showed some fight. First chance for a conference win comes Wednesday in Lincoln against Penn State. Let's hope NU doesn't come out flat and that the Nittany Lion players aren't wearing Sandusky Snuggies on the bench.

All for now....we'll check back when the point spread is published....and finish by saying that 20 turnovers will never get it done on the road, especially when your team can't score. Either will a 1:2.5 assist-to-turnover ratio.

PS--Steve Stricker about to win another golf tournament. He's awesome when there's nothing on the line. Put him in a major, and he's more nervous on the tee than Toney McCray on the free throw line...

PPS--BCS title game tonite....Boring.

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