Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Red is Big Blue

We are sure you've read this already. We're speechless. The Rat wants a medal for ruining the Husker program for 15 seasons and counting. Apparently, some have forgotten what a truly awful coach he was on all levels. Watch the game tapes. Take a look at his recruiting classes. It's embarrasing. For a refresher course, watch the fourth quarter of this year's MAC Championship game. Panic and butchered clock management at its worst. Pure Solich.

So, this is what NU has come to. Figurehead Tom Osborne clamoring to honor the biggest mistake in school history. Keep in mind that Rat Solich was TO's hand-picked successor. Bad hire. Everyone makes them. Apparently, Osborne has not learned from this mistake and was doomed to repeat it.

Now, the new 'source of pride' in Lincoln is how many Academic All-Americans the team spits out. Sure, that was a nice talking point when the team was actually good. Now, poster boys like Austin Cassidy also get undeserved starting spots and lose the team games.

Is anyone in charge capable, or lucid, enough to turn the ship around? From what we've seen, very doubtful indeed. But give Frankie his medal.....his tenure alone earned him accolades as a Nebraska hero....just like it does at every floundering, antiquated corporation across America. In the meantime, we'll watch the schools where merit is rewarded rack up the titles. Nebraska = IBM. Oregon = Apple.


  1. You went for line drawings and you fucked up you fucking idiot....


  2. thanks raleigh....