Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Slew

--Thanks to Deadspin for posting this gem and saving us the work. Still, a classic. I bet I do.... Most impressive--$30 fucking million a year for the Jim Rome radio show. Even better that he's leaving ESPN. PYB certainly hopes the new CBS Sports Network turns out to be legit. Looks like Tony Barnhart has a show, however, and that can't help any network's credibility.

--Cubs suck. They're awful. And their only good player is being investigated for Roethlisbergering some chick. Go Cubs Go.

--Pitt and SMU get it on today in Birmingham, Ala., in some college football bowl game. Can't wait.

--Wild Card Weekend starts today in the NFL. Our picks: Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York Giants, Pittsburgh (barely). Our best bet would be a 10-point teaser with Cincy +14, New Orleans at a pick, and Denver +19 against a banged up Rape Curtain team.

--Nebraska +10 at Illinois today. Certain PYB sources like NU in this one, claiming the Illini's guards suck and will be looking ahead to a Tuesday matchup against Ohio State. We don't care and expect Doc's squad may just quit--his excuses are getting very tired very quickly. Injuries have depleted an already bad Husker squad, and they have no size. Hammer Illinois. Nebraska is giving minutes to Mike Fox, after all.

Even funnier is that the Omaha World Herald wrote about Fox's 'brush with fame' because he got to guard Jared Sullinger. Is this what constitutes 'fame' these days? Guarding a decent college player who only gets his accolades because the entire sport is watered down? The guy will be a marginal NBA player, at best. Telling times. We'd take Andrew Fox over Mike any day.


  1. "Rape Curtain..."

  2. For the next home game — Wednesday against Penn State — Red Zone student members can bring another NU student free with valid ID; soft drinks will sell for $1; and families with children enrolled in the Nebraska JV Team kids club will get a free ticket for their kids.'s come to this?? Come to the game for cheap Mountain Dew...