Sunday, December 15, 2013

Slippery When Wet

PYB jumps in for a quick report this Sunday evening, mostly glad that we avoided the NFL bloodbath that included nine home underdogs. We avoided most of the carnage, despite taking it up the ass in the Cincinnati at Pittsburgh game tonight...

--Jameis Winston won the Heisman Trophy yesterday. CBS studio announcers kissed his ass, smiling away, even though he may have raped somebody in Tallahassee. Of course, nobody gives a fuck when the most prestigious award in college football is at stake. This an award so prestigious that only the creme de la creme are invited to the award ceremony -- AJ McCarron had to average 223 passing yards a game to garner a ticket to NYC.

Are rape allegations true? Who knows. Lots of football groupies invade every college down. Lots of dumb football players think they can plow whatever or whomever they want. Lots of money on the line. Bad combo.

What we were wondering, as the announcers smiled away, is if they were thinking what we were thinking while watching: Did this chick ride his cock willingly or was he holding her down, drugged, while busting a nut on her face. A teammate testified that he saw Winston get a blow job with his hands placed on his hips, before trying to get sloppy seconds and video tape the encounter like he'd done in the past. What odd behavior--by Winston, we mean. Lay on the bed and grab some tit while getting head like a normal guy. Wait, never mind. Either way, more proof why the Heisman itself is a complete farce.

Suck me, beautiful. Suck me, beautiful. Beatiful would have applied had he picked the hot one. Alas, he picked the one on the left.

--We heard Vaseline by Stone Temple Pilots at the gym Friday. We thought about how we never really liked the song when it came out 15+ years ago. We then though about how it would be the best song out if released today. That's depressing. While on this topic, we realized also that there is nothing better than hearing a great Bad Religion song on the radio at an unexpected moment. That said, there's nothing worse than a bad Bad Religion song.

--PYB doesn't watch much Nebraska volleyball. But when we do, it's the same thing every time in big matches. Choking. Overwhelmed by the moment. Outclassed on the front line. Rolling over to Texas just like the NU football team. Depressing.

--Tony Romo dropped another turd for the ages today against Green Bay, as the Dallas Cowgirls continue to do their best to gift the NFC East to the Philadelphia Eagles.

--Nebraska's annual post-season football awards make about much sense as one of its weekly gameplans. Ameer Abdullah won the Team MVP award but didn't win the Offensive MVP award. Huh?

All we got. Not much happening in the sports world. PYB will be off to celebrate a 40th birthday this week, then back around the Holidays. We may or may not surface. We'll damn sure be in to recap the Husker bowl game, maybe even by early afternoon on January 1, 2014, following the 8am Gator Bowl kickoff. Big Ten rules.

Paying $3.7 million for Bo Pinelli and Tim Beck, in case you forgot. We're fine.

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