Saturday, November 2, 2013

Parental Discretion Iz Advised

PYB wakes this Saturday, with the normal Nebraska gameday excitement, despite the program's continued floundering. It's part of any fan's DNA. We'll watch and commiserate accordingly. For now, we ask ourselves questions, because we have no answers.

--Why hasn't anyone talked about why NU quarterback Taylor Martinez felt the need to wave his arms and encourage Minnesota's crowd to cheer louder before the offense's final drive last week? A few readers have mentioned it, but no media outlets did. Is he that stupid? Is he that confident in his own abilities to lead clutch drives? The amazing occurrence was a perfect display of why T-Ragic should have been riding the pine years ago.

--Will the Nebraska defense benefit from its new shuffling of players to permanent starters at new positions? David Santos was good enough to start last week, but now has a new position. Michael Rose has looked good in spots so far, didn't play last week and now is the starter at a new position. This formula certainly can't breed the knowledge, consistency or confidence to succeed in the Rugged Big Ten, can it?

--Will a dinged-up Kain Colter gash the Blackskirts like he did in 2011? Why didn't Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald play him more last year?

--Is Private Bo Pinelli dusting off his checkerboard once more, while Fitzgerald hones his King and Pawn endgame in preparation of jamming his wing-ding-ding-a-ling down Pinelli's throat?

--Will any of Nebraska's defensive backs feel the need to stay within two steps of Wildcat receivers?

--Why are Nebraska's receivers blamed with 'dropping' so many passes, when most of the throws in question are balls that are thrown to the wrong side, with the wrong velocity? (For example, a six-yard slant thrown 90 mph a yard to the receiver's left as he runs right while completing the pattern.)

--How many Huskers will fake injuries today after bad plays?

--Will Nebraska be successful on first down today, after averaging just five yards on first down last week? Any knowledgeable football fan from Ohio knows that 2nd-and-5 is an impossible situation for an offense to overcome.

--Will Richie Incognito be punished for his alleged role in a cafeteria prank? Sounds like small potatoes, but he was run out of Lincoln after beating the shit out of someone who walked into the bathroom while he railed a Husker slut....supposedly. Should anyone sensitive enough to storm out of the team complex after such a prank be playing in the most savage professional league there is, the NFL?

--Is Carl Pinelli really that big of a dolt? Is Justin Blackmon a bigger idiot?

--Is ESPN that infatuated with Derrick Rose that it breaks in to a live telecast to report that he's "day-to-day" to play in his next game, two games in to the season? Or has Commissar Stern ordered that the Chicago Bulls will win the NBA title this year and that all media must build the brand from now until June?

--Did anyone else see Dwight Howard shove Marc Gasol while "protecting" a teammate in a preseason game, only to see Gasol step right up to Superwoman herself with no fear whatsoever?

As always, so many questions and so little time. We've got to roll for now, but will be back following the latest installment of the Pinelli Era, for better or for worse...

Enjoy your day....PYB

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