Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Ending Valley?

PYB awakes this Saturday in a puzzled state. Puzzled by the fact that Nebraska is a two-point underdog to a terrible Penn State team that it should beat by 21 points but to whom it will most likely lose. Puzzled by the fact that the city of Dallas has two sources of pride: the stupid fake cowboy outside the Texas State Fair and the fact that J Edgar Hoover took a projectile to the throat 50 years ago -- perhaps we're confused on that one.

Puzzled by our trip to the gym, as we watched double-barrel action in the men's shitters at the gym take place while washing our hands....complete with one party violently blowing ass while leaning forward to tie his shoes while the other navigated his cell phone as it lay on the dirty stall floors. Disgusting. Amazing. Mostly horrifying. Puzzled finally by the woman who banged out 45 minutes on the treadmill in front of us, only to take the elevator down the one floor to ground level. Whatever. Let's drop in with a quick pre-game post:

--We finally watched the Nebraska-Michigan replay last night. Good win. Horribly inefficient, as always, as offensive coordinator Tim Beck couldn't get out of his own way. Develop a good rhythm with runs and option. Good gain on first down. Long bomb for no reason on second down. Third-and-long remaining. Mystifying.

--Why is Terrell Newby taking repeated blame for 'dropping a pitch' from Tommy Armstrong? It was badly off target. The rest of the turnovers against Michigan State were Armstrong's fault, with Beck partly to blame for an awful play call on the interception. Inefficiency is thy name. We expect more of the same today but hope we're wrong.

--Is Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles on the hot seat after consecutive losses in South Carolina? How many bandwagon fans have cancelled their season tickets and Final Four reservations?

--PYB met Cornhusker legend Mike Brown last week after the NU loss to Michigan State. Sadly, we were concentrating more on staying upright after seven hours of self-medicating -- which is an obvious necessity when watching Nebraska play -- especially during a trademark meltdown. We'd have loved to have been more coherent, so we could have grilled him about what is wrong with Private Pinelli's Huskers. Either way, it was one of the few pleasant turns on another Nebraska season on the road to nowhere.

--Derrick Rose with another possible ACL tear last night. Bad news for NBA fans, who need more gamers like Rose who aren't about the bullshit lifestyle that defines many league 'stars.' Good news for ESPN, who can parlay this into another 15 months of 'news' stories.

--Is anyone else as excited as we are for this announcement? Can't wait to hear the future of a 5-foot-10 NFL quarterback prospect....

That's all we've got for now. Lot's of interesting, but not necessarily good, games today. Baylor at Okie State. Oklahoma at Kansas State. ASU at UCLA. MSU at Northwestern. Michigan at Iowa. aTm at LSU. BYU at Notre Lame. Mizzou at Ole Miss.

If the fact that College Gameday's set is in Stillwater today doesn't tell fans all they need to know about the state of college football, nothing does. We'll see you on the flip side tomorrow.....and hope by that time we're fully clear from media reports celebrating the heroic deeds of another Kennedy crook...

"Nebraska's back, and we're here to stay..."

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