Thursday, October 10, 2013

In My Escalade...

PYB chimes in after an inexcusable but unavoidable absence precipitated by a heavy workload, a broken laptop and stupid fucking co-workers. Let's go....quickly....

--Creighton got a new logo. PYB has a Nebraska-based connection who has done some of the university's design work and who was selling them on a re-brand for several years. So what would any loyal, ethical organization do? Take him up on that idea, opt for another design company and send its money outside of Nebraska to save a few bucks. Maybe THE CHURCH had them saving nickels to put in the Priest Scandal Coffers in Rome. Either way, our friends from the Omaha ghetto could have saved a few bucks by Googling "Toronto Bluejays", then hitting Control-X, Control-P. Done.

--The Omaha World Herald also exposed the NU Athletic Department for giving its staffers cars and country club memberships. Non-story. Except when the OWH prints it every other year. However, we would say that if the school's teams aren't worth a shit, its akin to giving a whore a diamond ring before you give her the $500 and nail her.

--Is it safe to say that if we were unsure about that fact that college football is in the decline, that once Cunnilingus Rice was named to the college football playoff selection committee, we had our answer? Don't get us wrong, it's not because she's a ho....whoops, we're sorry, bitch. But there have to be zillions of more qualified candidates out there with playing and/or coaching experience. White Power.

--How relaxing has it been to have Nebraska quarterbacks playing who are leaders, who are in control, who facilitate the playmakers on offense and who don't commit turnovers? Hell, we really don't even have anything to bitch about. If that continues, this site may die a quick death....

--Sure, the defense is horrible and will get slashed the next time it plays an opponent with an offense (let's not confuse Nate Scheelhaase with being good just because Illinois hasn't had anyone better for four seasons), but that is small potatoes. It starts with the quarterback every time. Cool, calm and collected....OR.....helter-skelter, disorganized, unintelligent and careening towards a brick wall at 90 mph at all times....It is apparent to anyone who is not from Ohio that Taylor Martinez should never play another down as Nebraska's starter (and we said this two years ago).

--Imani Cross looked God-awful Saturday. Slow, plodding and unable to avoid the Turf Monster on numerous occasions. Ladies and gentlemen.....James Dobson!!

--ESPNU's announcers were horrid. We quit listening after they called Ameer Adbullah Tommy Armstrong on the first drive and credited a big Stanley Jean-Baptiste hit to Andrew Green two drives later. Shouldn't they have known that Green would have never made a big hit? Moving on....

--Kenny Bell had a great touchdown catch, but can we stop dropping our collective loads every time a receiver makes a one-handed grab?

--If you don't have a pulse, and the epic matchup with the Illini wasn't enough to get your blood pumping last week, just get ready for this week's tilt -- an 11am brawl with Purdue. Then an off week. Big Ten rules!

--The Pittsburgh Pirates lost? That sucks. For anyone who hasn't been and has a chance to see a game there. Do it. If you have a friend who is as drunk as a skunk and wants to approach the entire Pitt Panther basketball team at the Outback Steakhouse in left field and marvel at how tall they are for an uncomfortable amount of time, even better.

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